Before baby is born, the mother is able to care for herself and get the rest she needs. After pregnancy, the mother is spending countless hours caring for her newborn and often times the mother gets forgotten and she no longer gets the care she also needs. She is feeding baby in sustained postures several hours throughout the day, cleaning and changing diapers, taking care of the house and performing these tasks while she is getting less sleep.

The hormone, relaxin, that creates ligamentous laxity in preparation for childbirth is still in her system and can remain for a year after she stops breast-feeding which creates tremendous stress upon the spine when you consider all the physical demands of motherhood. Added to this list is the vast change in hormones that is also occurring that many times leads to depression. Many times, this combination of sleep deprivation and stress upon the body from mother hood go unnoticed and this is a time that the mother needs chiropractic care even more.

With chiropractic treatment, not only can those stresses upon the spine be addressed, but it is a time for the mother to be pampered and to take time for herself so the magical times of being a mommy remain magical.

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