Pregnancy and Postpartum

Massage therapy is extremely beneficial for many common discomforts associated with pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. With pregnancy, the fluids in a woman's body increase by nearly 1/3 which can result in swelling and edema. Massage therapy is a wonderful remedy for this, as it promotes good circulation and drains lymphatic stagnation. Studies have shown that massage therapy throughout pregnancy often decreases the length of labor and provides the mother with safe and effective pain relief. After baby is born, the common aches and pains don't come to a stop. Instead, these discomforts continue if not worsen due to the countless hours mom is now spending in sustained postures feeding baby, cleaning and changing diapers and taking care of house work all while getting less sleep than before. Massage therapy can help reduce and eliminate the new mommy aches and pains and give mom a time to receive much needed time to herself.

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